About our Brand

About our Brand

Pickled Brain Clothing is a clothing brand based in a small sea side town in South Devon. Our main ethos is to produce ethically sourced, hand decorated clothing and, wherever possible, make it sustainable for the environment (organic or recycled.)  


As the online shopping industry grows it has become swamped with fast fashion brands, who sell vast quantities of cheaply made clothing. Many people are now turning to local brands and businesses for quality clothing and accessories. 


How our Products are Created

Firstly, we look to acquire ethically made/sourced garments; where possible we use garments that have been created using organic or recycled materials. We then decorate these garments here in Devon at our workshop. We specialise in individually hand dyed clothing, making each item unique. As tie dye has become very popular, we have developed our own unique dying process. However, our process produces almost no waste water, making it more eco-friendly. Once the dying process is complete we can then embellish the garments by the use of: silkscreen printing, direct to garment printing and embroidery. Every design in our range is created by us, so you won't find them any where else. We even make our own hem labels made form 100% cotton, in an effort to use less man made fibres such as polyester.


Sustainable Packaging

After researching many different types of sustainable packaging we have decided to concentrate on avoiding plastic as much as possible making sure that they are recyclable or biodegradable. All of our products come with a swing tag that we have printed ourselves, onto recycled card and attached to the clothing using recycled jute string. Every product is then placed into a fully recyclable mailing bag made from sugarcane. Finally, when an item is purchased it is put inside a two layer recyclable paper mailing bag and secured using paper tape; ready to be sent to you!