Orbital Hoodie

Orbital Hoodie

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ONE OF A KIND! You won't find this hoodie anywhere else, its a one of a kind product! So if you fancy owning and hoodie that is completely unique, why not treat yourself to our hand dyed Orbital Hoodie! Amazingly comfy and infinitely stylish, 100% ethically sourced and have been lovingly hand dyed, sports our trademark Pickled Brain branding including back neck label and vintage hem tag!

1 Available in Size Large

How its Made

The creation of Pickled Brain Clothing

All of our products are ethically sourced and then decorated in house by us, here at Pickled Brain Clothing in South Devon,UK. As tie dye has become very popular, we have developed our own unique dying process. However our process produces almost no waste water, making it more eco-friendly than the usual tie dying process. We are constantly experimenting with this process to bring you exciting new colours and styles. Where possible we try to acquire ethically sourced organic or recycled products to create sustainable clothing. All of our products are then packaged in sustainable packaging, such as biodegradable sugar cane mailing bags.

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